Learn to Record Priceless Moments

With More Creativity



Enhance attention onto your subject by gaining insight into the essential camera settings and related concepts that include shutter speed, exposure triangle, ISO, aperture, and depth of field.

Change Essential Settings

Learn to artfully place subjects and supporting objects into a framed scene using the rule of thirds and fill the frame composition principles. Then learn about the elements of design in composition. These elements include line, shape, form, texture, color, and space.


Discover a meditative grounding technique to help focus on what you want to take a picture of.


Use the skills learned in the former P.I.C.C. process sections to capture that amazing photograph.



After completion, whether you're a new and aspiring photographer or someone who loves to casually snap pictures, be more creatively confident while taking a P.I.C.C.!

Use this creative process (shown below) to discover your creative potential.

Start by taking a P.I.C.C. with any camera or phone  ...

I, too, was once unfamiliar with the intricacies of photography and seeing creatively. It all started when I was 12, captivated by the idea of capturing moments through a lens. 
I experimented with different picture framing compositions, progressing through practice and mistakes to where I am today on my picture taking trek, where I take pictures for the enjoyment of being in that creative state. See my picture taking anthology below. 
These experiences have fueled my passion, leading me to establish this online school and pen the book "Take a PICC," with the aim of helping others learn to creatively see and build their artful potential in the realm of photography. I am thrilled at the prospect of assisting you in your exploration of this beautiful art form.


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Reid, The Artistic Lensman





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My Picture Taking Anthology: 2004 - Present

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